I am an Assistant Professor in Clinical Methodology, joining the departments of Psychological Methods and Clinical Psychology at the University of Amsterdam (UvA).

In my research, I aim to work on research questions that are societally relevant. During my PhD, I focused on the complex interplay between insomnia and depression, two of the most prevalent mental disorders in our time, and at the start of my postdoc in the beginning of 2020 I shifted gears and worked on finding behavioural solutions to mitigate the COVID-19 virus spread. Now, I am combining my research into insomnia and its treatment with computational modelling of pandemic preparedness and linking networks across biological, psychological, and social levels. See projects for more information on these and other projects I am working on. 

My dissertation “Changing perspectives on insomnia and depression: From symptoms to system” (cum laude) was awarded the Hilbert Kamphuisen Award for best dissertation 2019-2020 and my research was covered in national (e.g., NRC, Volkskrant) and international (listed by KNAW) media. During COVID-19, I co-founded the interdisciplinary platform Science versus Corona, including a data consultancy desk, to unite scientists across disciplines to understand and fight the coronavirus. I collaborated with different sectors to translate pressing societal questions into research designs, and led two large-scale behavioural studies at an art fair and supermarket. In 2023 I was invited by De Psycholoog to write an overview on my work and research during COVID-19, resulting in an article in which I reflect on these times “The importance of data, models, and behaviour during Covid-19” (in Dutch).

I firmly believe in team science and I am adamant to promote a supporting academic environment. That is why in 2023 I initiated the Science Sisters – a peer support platform for early/ish career women working in academia. In addition I was elected to join the Amsterdam Young Academy in 2023, within which I hope to find and develop more ways to promote a healthy academic environment and build stronger bridges between science and society. 

I lead the Human Behavioural Simulation Lab, am the Psychology department coordinator of the Social and Behavioural Data Science Centre, and a member of the Data Science Centre at the UvA. My work has been funded by the Data Science Centre, a personal BIAL foundation grant, and a ZonMw Pandemic Preparedness grant. 

See full CV here (updated December 2023).